You really don’t need to know a lot to get up and running with Javascript. In fact, a fully-fledged production-ready app could be built without ever understanding the inner workings of the language. This is both a blessing and a curse; The language has many adopters, but only a very few masters.

This realization led me on a quest to try and understand how Javascript really works under the hood. The journey is far from over, but the fog has started to lift. And it all started with the question, “What exactly is Javascript?”.

So what is Javascript? To put…

Disclaimer: This tutorial is only for demonstration purposes and does not encourage TOS violations through web scraping.

Recently I tried scraping Instagram follower information from public profiles for a personal project of mine. The project didn’t really amount for much but I did get a nice Python script out of it. Here are the implementation details.

Instagram Private API

The implementation relies on a pretty comprehensive Instagram library written in Python called Instagram Private API . In the words of the library’s author,

The library was written to access Instagram’s API when they clamped down on developer access. …

Shown below is a perfectly fine (albeit very basic) React class that should be familiar to anyone who has meddled around with ReactJS.

class App extends Component {   
constructor(props) {

render() {
return <div>Hello, World!</div>

So what is the problem? Well, since recently, users have noticed a deprecated warning for the super(props) usages in TypeScript React classes, which has lead to a few concerned questions all over the internet. So has super(props) really been deprecated?

Turns out, it hasn’t. The deprecation message is actually a small bug in the DefinitelyTyped source code’s overloading constructors which has…

Three years ago, if someone asked me what couchDB was, I’d probably tell them it was some fancy piece of furniture. But that is three years ago, and since then, I have started a career, learnt a few things, and most importantly realized that couchDB has nothing to do with furniture.

CouchDB is in fact, a NOSQL database that plays an integral role in my current company’s tech stack. …

Artificial Intelligence. A buzzword that immediately makes us picture self-aware computer networks taking over the world, or highly intelligent robots waging war against humanity itself. Thankfully, this is well beyond the realms of reality and still a thing of science fiction. The idea that AI is somehow a hostile piece of technology that could potentially destroy the world as we know it is a widespread misconception. A misconception fueled by captivated human minds and spread across to the general public, the technology industry and even within academic communities. But this does not mean AI is not among us. …

The turn of the millennium has seen an exponential rise in the field of technology which has shown no signs of decline, 18 years after. Opportunities are abundant, innovation is plenty making IT a preferred career choice for many. This brings us to an interesting question; A question that is not often asked. What is the role women play in technology today?

The field of IT has always been male dominant. From iconic figures like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to billionaire entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, the biggest contributions to technology have been from males. However, women are starting to…

“Only six electronic digital computers would be required to satisfy the computing needs of the entire United States.” A prediction made by Howard Aiken in 1947 which on hindsight, we can all agree on has not turned out to be very prophetic. The need for processing power has continuously been on the rise and for the most part, the need has been catered through unparalleled evolution of chip technology as forecasted by Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law states that the number of components that can fit on a computer chip will double roughly every two years, which in turn will improve…

Humans have always striven for greater things. The evolution of man has seen inventions and discoveries, the rise of civilizations, massive feats of engineering and in the recent past exponential advances in technology. The inception of all this was in the human mind. So there is no surprise that for thousands of years, people have tried to understand how the human mind works. But it does not stop there. Attempts are now being made to not only understand, but also to build intelligent entities that replicate this intelligence. This has given rise to the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Although the…

Its an irritating inconvenience when you have to ssh into seven different servers constantly to do things. Add to that host names longer than Vaas’s birth name and a bunch of option flags, you pretty much have to resort to a bookmarked page and keyboard shortcuts to make life marginally better. Or so I thought.

After a few of days of snail paced tunneling into different production servers I was drained. There had to be a better way. And I was willing to find it. Whatever it takes, I told myself. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and…

Priyath Gregory

A full stack developer who has dabbled around with technologies.

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